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The Padi Divemaster Course

The PADI Divemaster course expands the problem solving skills developed by the Rescue Diver program, and extends it from accident management and prevention scenarios to supervisory situations with student divers and certified divers. At the divemaster level, problem solving emphasises looking for many possible solutions under the circumstances and choosing the best of several. Divemaster problem solving may include more than safety-related issues, and include handling customer service, business and operational challenges.


The PADI Divemaster course is divided into Knowledge Development, Waterskills and Stamina, and Practical Application sections.


The course is structured to include independent study, making use of the DM manual, Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving, The Diving Knowledge Workbook, and the PADI Instructor Manual.


To commence your Dive Master Training please contact us to make an appointment with one of our trainers. Please contact us here

Course Information

Course Goals


The PADI Divemaster course has five broad goals:

1.     To develop the knowledge, attitudes, judgment and skills for supervising certified divers in shore-based and boat-based diving activities.


2.     To develop the knowledge, attitudes, judgment and skills for assisting with training divers in PADI courses.


3.     To develop the knowledge, attitudes, judgment and skills for independently conducting specific PADI programs for certified divers and non-divers (e.g., Scuba Review, Discover Snorkelling, PADI Skin Diver course).


4.    To develop the candidate's dive theory knowledge, water skills, rescue skills and experience to the levels necessary to enter the PADI Instructor Development Course.  


5.    To promote each candidate’s growth to meet their individual goals and interests, and to meet the dive community’s needs and expectations in dive leaders (e.g., risk management, personal health and safety, the needs of the dive retailer).


Duration & Structure

• A minimum of 50 hours is recommended by PADI. We run a flexible course over a period of weeks. 

• During the course you will cover:


1.     Knowledge development sessions

2.     Practical application sessions

3.     Water skills and stamina development and assessment


If you have not reached the 60 logged dive requirement it is recommended that you volunteer as a trainee DM. Suitable candidates will be able to gain experience in all areas of a PADI 5 Star Training Centre and accumulate dives at no extra charge.

The course we run is intensive and thorough. To meet our scheduling requirements it is important that you are fully prepared to start this course. You must have done a few weeks of independent study and diving to be properly prepared. 

Course Fees.

Course Fee:  $999 


PADI Application Fee: $165 (This is payable by the student to PADI upon completion)


The PADI Deluxe Crew Pack is $350 (eRDP, Instructor Manual, Diving Knowledge Workbook, DM Manual, Encyclopaedia of Recreational Diving, PADI Training Log Book, DM Application Package, DM Slates, DM Pro Bag)


Ready to start Checklist:

   Have you got proof of your Advanced and


Rescue certification?

   Have you got a current dive medical?

   Have you got a current First Aid Certificate?

   Have you completed all Knowledge Development?

   Have you got proof of 20 logged Dives?

   Do you have your own SCUBA gear?


Scuba Diving Byron Bay, Glamping Byron Bay

For Further Course Information please contact or call +61 (0) 417881 353